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Product Highlights

  • make your food more appealing
  • keep it fresher 
  • easier to transport
  • custom print food packaging options

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Additional Information

The right food packaging can make your food more appealing to the customer, keep it fresher and provide ease of transport.  From food manufacture to transport to display, Packaging House has a range of food packaging to suit your needs.  Our food packaging range is extensive and covers the entire food manufacturer and preparation process. 

From paper to paperboard, foil to foam, polypropylene to compostable materials, Packaging House has a food packaging solution to suit.  We can even custom print your food packaging to enhance your company’s image and promote your brands.

Narrow your Food Packaging search by clicking one of the links below:

Salad and deli containers

Roll and sandwich containers

C-Fine plastic takeaway containers

Foam containers

Microwavable food tubs and lids

Dessert and sho-bowls

Aluminium food trays

Dual ovenable plastic trays

Hot food plastic tubs

Food pails

Pizza boxes, cake cartons and discs

Takeout carry boxes

Bakery containers





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